A Wonderful Sports Morning! 

On Friday, we had a wonderful Sports Morning playing lots of different activities including Sack Race, Egg and Spoon and even Bowling! Year 2 would like to thank Mr Garcia for organising a fantastic event and everybody who came to support us! What a great time we had!



Writing our Adventure Tales!

Today we wrote our Invented Adventure Tales following our exploration and innovation of Peter Pan. We were so excited to show off all the writing skills which we have learnt this year!

Before we began our writing, we read our plans carefully and thought about the skills from our Toolkit which we were going to include in our stories.

Our teachers were so proud of us working so hard and using our neatest handwriting!


Global Diversity Week!

We have had a great week learning about our class country, Romania! Here are some of the learning activities which we have been participating in …

As a class, we held a drawing competition to help us to create a design for our class Sun Bear by using the colours of the Romanian Flag. Well done to our class winner!


Learning to Code! 

On Friday, Mr Cooper joined 2KW to begin to show us how to code using the Scratch program. It was great to begin to learn how to create a set of instructions to help make a Sprite move!

If you would like to practise using Scratch at home then you can access the links on the Blog!

We can’t wait to develop our coding skills!